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InterGAS - WEB & Mobile platform or Ethical Purchasing Group

To access in the management application, please use the following link:

The services available on the platform have been realized using the GASleader software, adapted to the use of several GAS groups and connecting to it two fundamental external services:

  1. E-money Payments (only Italian)
  2. SMS messages transmission (only Italian)
  3. Mobile interface
  • To install the Android App please find in Play Store the app "InterGAS"
    or click below: ⇓

   InterGAS Android App.

  • To open the application directly in the browser
    of your PC, Smartphone, Tablet please use the link www.intergas.org/app
  • or you can digit app.intergas.org in the smartphone browser!
  • or you can use QR CODE:


GASleader: A complete software solution for Ethical Purchasing Group management

GASleader is free software for the complete, end-to-end management of Ethical purchasing groups called Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale__ (GAS) specifically designed and tailored for the integrated management of purchases, initially created to meet the needs of Associazione La Credenza and subsequently made available to others who may install it yourself, if they are not interested in using the InterGAS platform.

It is an application that allows every GAS to access its own database, with the visualization of specific data for each user based on their assigned roles.

The application is entirely accessible on the Internet using your own browser.


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