Difference: FaLaCosaGiusta2012 (r7 vs. r6)

Special Ethical Purchasing Groups Group special on ''Fa' la Cosa Giusta! Trento''

At the eighth edition of the "Fa' la Cosa Giusta! Trento" fair, the Consorzio CAES (Consorzio Assicurativo Etico e Solidale), or the Solidarity and Insurance Ethics Consortium, promoted a meeting to present ETICAR. ETICAR is a new product created specifically for Special Ethical Purchasing Groups. It is a motor insurance tariff made in order to insure automobiles under the criteria of the solidarity economy.

The meeting was held at 6 PM last Saturday, October 27, at the marquee of the Fa' la Cosa Giusta! fair in Trento Fiere, situated at via Brimasco, 2.

During the meeting, the GASleadersoftware for full Solidarity Ethical Purchasing Group management was also presented, developed by IFASE, and the current account for Solidarity Ethical Purchasing Groups proposed by Banca Etica.

  • Video presentation at the Fair itself (at 3 pm on the same day) in the LinuxDay 2012 national event called Piacere Linux (Nice to meet you, Linux!) organised by the LinuxTrent association


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