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Welcome to Leader.IT's web portal!

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Leader.IT's mission is to make a Network involving ICT professionals (self-employed or otherwise) available to collaborate on shared software development projects. The main focus is around Open Source technologies bringing a common factor which has allowed the creation of software development projects.
This portal itself is a joint project! Contributions to projects are integrated into the main source code if the authors grant their source code under one of the following Open Source licenses:
  1. "Perl Artistic License" (https://perldoc.perl.org/perlartistic.html)
  2. "X11 License" (https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/License:X11)
  3. "BSD-3-Clause License" (https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/License:BSD-3-Clause)
Without the granting of one of the above mentioned licenses the contribution will not be integrated in the main branch. This allows the main author to distribute the derivative work under a dual license (Commercial and Affero GPL rel.1.).

Web services

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BlogHome of Blog webSearch Blog webRecent changes in the Blog webGet notified of changes to the Blog webPreferences of Blog webStatistics of Blog webBullet list of all topicsIndex of all topicsBlog Leader.IT & Friends ... - devoted to discussions on ICT
MainHome of Main webSearch Main webRecent changes in the Main webGet notified of changes to the Main webPreferences of Main webStatistics of Main webBullet list of all topicsIndex of all topicsWelcome to Foswiki... Users, Groups ...see who is registered on this site
OldProjectsHome of System.OldProjects webSearch System.OldProjects webRecent changes in the System.OldProjects webGet notified of changes to the System.OldProjects webPreferences of System.OldProjects webStatistics of System.OldProjects webBullet list of all topicsIndex of all topicsDismissed projects
OldProjects.InterGASHome of OldProjects/InterGAS webSearch OldProjects/InterGAS webRecent changes in the OldProjects/InterGAS webGet notified of changes to the OldProjects/InterGAS webPreferences of OldProjects/InterGAS webStatistics of OldProjects/InterGAS webBullet list of all topicsIndex of all topicsGruppi di Acquisto Solidali - gestione di pił gruppi GAS
PortalHome of Portal webSearch Portal webRecent changes in the Portal webGet notified of changes to the Portal webPreferences of Portal webStatistics of Portal webBullet list of all topicsIndex of all topicsLeader.IT Network - news, technologies, projects, partnerships, ...
PsqlMessagesHome of System.PsqlMessages webSearch System.PsqlMessages webRecent changes in the System.PsqlMessages webGet notified of changes to the System.PsqlMessages webPreferences of System.PsqlMessages webStatistics of System.PsqlMessages webBullet list of all topicsIndex of all topicsSystem management of asynchronous messages, based on PostgreSQL (LISTEN/NOTIFY).
SystemHome of System webSearch System webRecent changes in the System webGet notified of changes to the System webPreferences of System webStatistics of System webBullet list of all topicsIndex of all topicsWelcome, Registration, and other System.StartingPoints; Foswiki history & Wiki style; All the docs... ...discover Foswiki details, and how to start your own site.
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