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MMG Service Center

Since 2004, Leader.IT has activated a technological service center for general practitioners of medicine as well as Millewin users, within their headquarters at the Polo Tecnologico di Trento, working based on the technical requirements stated by the General Practitioners of the Autonomous Province of Trent and Millewin users.

Project Objective

In 2005, in partnership with the S.I.M.G. - Sezione di Trento, we coordinated the activities linked to the Project Objective of APSS which foresaw the creation of methodological and operational requirements for the connection of general practitioners to the geographical information system..

The project objective basically pursued two goals:
  • to develop the networking between general practitioners belonging to different associations provided for by the convention, with the possibility of sharing medical records among each other;
  • to develop the computer connection of general practitioners to the Geographical Information System of the APSS, with the possibility of exporting computerized data.

Through the use of a shared medical record, general practitioners who participated in the project and linked in one of the various associations provided for in the convention were able to properly use the IT connection network among themselves and with the SIT (Geographical Information System of the APSS) in order to guarantee:
  • continuity, updates, and the uniqueness of clinical data;
  • development of the associations that require the management of data in networks;
  • possibility of accessing the aforementioned data by any doctor from the group that uses the network, subject to approval by those being assisted;
  • automatic exportation of data through the SIT and SIO enterprise systems, even using specific interface systems with those already mentioned.

MILLENIUM Partnership

Leader.IT offers support of the highest quality in the Trento region, thanks to experience gained through the years.

For any issues wherein remote support is not enough, quick technical support will be provided directly from clinics.

Thanks to the partnership with MILLENIUM S.r.l. we can help doctors in resolving the most complex installation problems and restore data acting as key partners with Millewin's help.

Services offered

  • Technical consulting conducted with local experts

  • Remedial measures in order to assist the Millewin Call Center

  • Risk assessment consultation and programmed security plan for clinics

  • Maintain compliance of data processing devices used by the M.M.G. ( Privacy/Security)

  • Technical training on issues of interest, personally conducted onsite.

  • Activation of the RRS.NET service

  • Telephone assistance with encrypted tunnels (ultraVNC software) to ensure the necessary privacy in the medical field

  • F-Secure antivirus software with updates delivered directly from the Service Center for security

  • Maintenance of Millewin files

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