An overview

By creating an account, one will be able to access the Home Page, where the user will his own username and the list of messages received according to date, time, and name of sender.

Through the link connected to the names, the Elenco dei Soci (List of Members) can be accessed, complete with their personal data subdivided in tables, including a search box. Exporting to XML is an option for those who opt for remote management.

Managing orders through GASLeader is simple and quick. The software is based on a series of lists located in the Ordini (Orders) section, enabling the display of order data, their location, the date and the state in which the order is currently in.

Each order is connected to a table containing a product list; this way, one it is possible to monitor all data relative to an order on a single screen.

A similar section within GASLeader is the Produttori (Producers) section, where it is possible to access information related to products, their zones of origin, and their characteristics; moreover, it is possible to write personal notes in a separate section.

Through these four pages, it is possible to monitor enterprise data with the simple steps to speed up its use of its pages through links, which may be customised.

Other features include the banking and payment management system, as its innovative approach allows the use of the app through e-mail and SMS, or by integrating them with existing web portals.

The application enables a large quantity of members subdivided in zones, as well as managing many suppliers with different representatives for delivery in the zones.

Moreover, the application has a management system via SMS to promptly advise the user; an automatic payment management system through SSD (payment method that can be blocked or automated at low cost); and management of orders and of lists.

GAS members do not charge the costs of the producer; rather, they prefer to independently manage the system of purchases in order to be independent of the producer - thus, they pay a small fee for the management of the system.

The project initially required 5 months of work for the startup and a series of adjustments and further improvements from 2012 until the present. The project has had success and bodes well for the future because other GAS groups are interested.

The project aims to create a mechanism between groups so they can create a network among themselves to make purchases together, in order to be more efficient with suppliers (in terms of prices as well as the capacity to sustain small local producers).

Only several GAS groups have asked for an opposite model: they are suppliers who offer the service to GAS groups rather than the GAS groups offering the service to suppliers, but they are only a minority.

The application was borne from the need of managing the work of several people with different roles in a particular GAS group, to manage producers and members who are consumers; to ensure that the bureaucracy, although necessary, would be organised and be efficient with the people (volunteers) involved so they do not tire of volunteering due to poor management (which is an inevitability if managed manually).
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