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I am a zone representative (referente di zona), but I did not understand how to close the order in the application...

When the zone representative receives the message from the general representative (referenti del produttore) to withdraw the products at his at his house (or when he receives communication directly from the producer), he must:

  1. go to the ORDINI (orders) menu, and then to the GESTIONE ORDINI (order management) screen. Click on INVIA MESSAGGIO (send message): a window will open wherein it will be possible to send an email or an SMS, or both an email and SMS simultaneously to the members of his own zone that ordered giving instructions for the withdrawal of the products;
  2. after having delivered the products to the members, the zone representative should again access the GESTIONE ORDINI screen: in DETTAGLIO ORDINATIVO DEI SOCI (members' order details), click on MODIFICA (modify). At the bottom of the table, the CONFERMA PREZZI (confirm prices) button will appear: when this button is clicked, the prices from the ordered quantity will be copied to the PREZZO ACQUISTO (purchase price) column, that is, the amounts will be charged to the member. In case of products with list price different from purchase price (cheese, for instance), the zone representative should manually modify the prices on the PREZZO ACQUISTO (purchase price) as reported on the invoice. Click on SALVA (save) after making the changes.

I have to change my mobile number in the application to receive SMS notifications whenever goods are ready, how do I do this?

Go to the HOME menu, then select SCHEDA SOCIO (membership card). Click on MODIFICA and insert your mobile number in the CELLULARE field without spaces, bars, or other characters. Click SALVA when finished.
I am a zone coordinator and a member from my zone has offered to take the zone reference for a producer, to whom should I communicate the change to in the application?

It should be communicated to the general representative of that producer, who should do the following steps in the application:

  • select the GAS menu and then PRODUTTORI (producers)
  • select the producer of which he is the general representative with the arrow keys < > or with the search function on the left (APPLICA FILTRO) (apply filter)
  • go to the bottom of the page to the REFERENTI (representatives) section
  • click on MODIFICA, select the name of the new representative and his particular zone
  • click SALVA when done.
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