First steps

The application may be accessed via this address:

The login screen of GASLeader will be displayed upon accessing the aforementioned address.

intergas login.png
GASLeader Login

This is the login screen of GAS. Enter your login and password credentials in order to access the application itself. It must be noted that, when logging in for the first time with the password given by the administrator, GASLeader will prompt you to re-enter a new password. Passwords must include at least one capital letter and one number.

intergas home.png
GASLeader Home

The Messages screen on the lower left part of your screen will be where any messages sent to you will be displayed.

There are drop-down menus on the topmost part of the home page: Home, Config, GAS, ORDINI, and ? (Help). We will briefly discuss the contents each menu as follows.

Some of the menus may differ depending on the role of the user accessing the application - certain users have more limited functions, while some may have more control. More on Roles will be discussed in the succeeding part of this document.

Generally, the modules show a window dedicated to the filtration of search results on the left part of the screen.

The Home menu

These are the parts of the Home menu.

  • Home Page - takes the user back to the home page.
  • Cambio Password - allows the user to make changes to his or her password
  • Chiusura Sessione - closes the active session.
  • Scheda socio - takes the user to the membership card screen
  • Messaggi ricevuti - takes the user to the messages received screen
  • Messaggi inviati - takes the user to the compose message screen, where he or she could send messages using the mobile numbers or e-mail addresses registered to the members of the group

The Config menu

These are the parts of the Config menu, reserved to Administrator's users.

  • Anagrafiche - registry of members
  • Gruppi - registry of members by groups
  • Funzioni - registry of functions by permissions
  • Tipi autorizzazioni - authorisation types
  • Gestione messaggi - lists all messages sent and received as well as warnings from the system
  • Log database - lists all changes made to the database

The GAS menu

These are the parts of the GAS (Ethical Purchasing Group) menu.

  • G.A.S. - takes the user to the GAS screen, where administrator can create a new one or update existing ones
  • Zone di appartenenza - takes the user to the Zone di appartenenza dei gruppi (Group membership areas) screen, where membership areas are assigned to users based on the zones they cover
  • Soci - takes the user to the registry of members
  • Elenco soci - takes the user to the directory of GAS members, wherein contact information is displayed
  • Categorie prodotti - list of all main product category types
  • Sottocategorie prodotti - list of all specific product subcategories
  • Catalogo prodotti - takes the user to the list of products of all producers registered to that particular GAS
  • Scheda prodotto - takes the user to the product screen, where further information on a producer's products is listed
  • Produttori - producer registration screen, wherein new producers may be added, or existing ones may be updated
  • Banche - list of all banks registered in the system
  • Unità di misura - list of all units of measure
  • Pagamenti dei soci - list of GAS members' methods of payment
  • R.I.D. di incasso - SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) screen

The ORDINI (Orders) menu

These are the parts of the ORDINI (Orders) menu.

  • Gestione ordini - takes the user to main order management screen
  • Ordini del socio - displays all orders made by members
  • Storico ordini - displays order history
  • Ordini in consegna - displays orders being delivered
  • Ordini della tua zona - displays orders made your area

The '?' menu

These are the parts of the "?" (Help) menu.

  • Help - opens the help page
  • Release - shows release and licensing information

These make part of the GASleader interface.
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