Bolzano Technology Fair

Leader.IT participated at the Technology Fair in Bolzano from October 6-8, 2006, at the Consorzio Innovazione Tecnologica (Technological Innovation Consortium) stand.

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The scheduled events:

Friday, October 6: ''Palcofiera Technology - Product Presentation'' at 1 PM

''SmsMeteo - Meteorological precipitation data analysis and alarm system''

Guido Brugnara - Leader.IT
Markus Neteler - (GDF Hannover) - (Leader.IT Partner)
Roberto Torresani - Leader.IT

SmsMeteo is a good example of collaboration between companies such as Leader.IT and GDF-Hannover, specialising respectively in Web20/AJAX, and GIS (Grass) to respond to the requests of public entities for an innovative solution developed using Open Source tools, but also available to the community with a free licence (in this case, GPL).

As part of the FORALPS project (, the Trento Meteorological Service has commissioned the development of an application for SMS and e-mail alerts by analysing data provided by radar and doppler effect in a way that can be able to determine the level of precipitation, the presence of thunderstorms and hail subdivided in specific areas (for example, such as areas with high risk of landslides); alerting different users depending on the area and the calculation model specified.

The system designed thusly will be made available to the entire international community.

The system will be discussed at the meeting, as well as the technologies that were used (GRASS, Linux, Apache, Mason, Perl, and PostgreSQL).

The event will be presented in Italian and in German.

Saturday, October 7th - ''Technology Life'' Congress at 5 PM

''Web 2.0/Ajax: Not just online PC''

Guido Brugnara - Leader.IT Srl (Event in Italian language)

The Web 2.0 designation generally means to define the state of the Internet's evolution from the current situation towards the near future wherein the lines between Desktop and Network applications will be blurred.

Some classify applications or web portals with a high ease of use interface and response speed as Web 2.0, rendering them similar to traditional applications that are usually installed on the PC.

Others evoke Web 2.0 to refer to specific programming technologies such as AJAX; technologies available to programmers for several years now, but only recently generated interest on the internet as well as magazines in the sector.

Supporters of the term Web 2.0 intend to classify online applications that deviate from static websites as such, by email or by using search engines to offer much more dynamic, interactive, and integrated applications.

The evolution is in effect leading more and more to confuse traditional, locally installed "software" locally with "services" that take advantage of the internet.

The project then proposes to demonstrate some of the scenarios that are already emerging, thusly showing several practical examples of existing interactive applications to successively introduce a more articulated vision of how the Internet will influence companies in the near future.

Sabato 7 ottobre - Congresso ''Technology Life'' ore 17:00

... together with Cooperativa Computer Learning, presenting „The Interactive Whiteboard” :

OpenClassroom : Class Management System C.M.S.

Roberto Torresani - Leader.IT

OpenClassroom is a system provided by Leader.IT for the management of computer labs in school. The product was made over the course of years thanks to the collaboration between CFP and UPT (Centro Formazione Professionale - Universitą Popolare Trentina) becoming a competitive product with multiple features, such as:

  • web interface for management of student, teacher, and class master data
  • management of classes with composition of students and teachers
  • automated management of folders on server available to students, teachers, and classes
  • control access to schools and to internet, controllable by one teacher
  • black & white list for school internet access and for every single class

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