Firewall, Antivirus, and Network Asset Security in Practice

Why did they target my company? What can I do to keep my workplace secure?

The Internet is a potent instrument of communication with a user base of over 300 million; any one of these users can represent a potential danger to your business. The transmission of viruses, cyber attacks, privacy violations, among others, are often the topic of international media; the risks arising from the use and the transmission of data on the Internet (and sometimes, within the user's own network), are enormous.

In spite of this, and the obligations set forth by Italian and EU law, many companies address these issues solely on a superficial level, or do not address them at all; Now, more than ever, information on security issues are disseminated throughout the Internet and in the hacker community; software and hardware, if not adequately and quickly updated, will become obsolete in short period of time. Ensuring the inviolability of your own network or your communications is not a simple task; due to the intrinsic nature of different software, there is not one system that is invulnerable, nor software that is immune from any problems with certainty.

Recently, the continuous release of software patches for security issues of numerous operating systems (Windows NT, 2000, Linux and others), indicates that the "path" to protecting data of one's own business is not only a fact that applies to large companies, but also small and medium sized companies. A system that is considered secure today, can become absolutely vulnerable tomorrow!! To think that you are not a worthwhile target for an attack is a serious mistake! Even if your company is not involved in e-commerce or does not make commercial transactions of any type via the Internet, the information related to, for example, your accounting, client data and client list can be of great value for anyone (for instance, one of your competitors).

For this reason, each and every specific situation must be carefully analyzed to assess the risks, the investment opportunities in relation to the importance of resources and of data to be protected, and the necessary tools to achieve these objectives.

For this reason we believe that in order to protect your investments, you should not only install a firewall, but also think of a secure infrastructure that involves users more than perhaps network devices..

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