It's not only free software development ...

... not only does the development of free software engage participants to the network, but also the activities of formation, consultation, and technical support on the use of free software at work everyday, as well as the integration of Open Source-based solutions with commercial software platforms and products.

The www.leader.it portal brings together the contributions of diverse actors involved with different companies or as freelancers, but continue to participate in the activities of the network.

The network traces its origins from the company Leader.IT srl, which was founded in the fall of 2001, and in turn was born from the previous activities of the former LEADER Pro Studio. Since the 80's, the studio has been engaged in consulting, designing, and development of information technology solutions that, over time, have been increasingly using free software which has gradually increased its spread. In fact, in 1995, the first project that used the Linux operating system was made for distribution of tourism information in the Alta Val di Non territory (Alta Val di Non LEADER Project).

A considerable increase of these requests mainly in the field of free software brought about the creation of Leader.IT srl with the objective of creating a new methodology in proposing solutions for information systems management based on the open source model of development using free software, but also, in some cases, making such work available under a free license. (FreeSoftware).

From 2001 onwards, the company would significantly increase its service quality and its potential through the provision of open source software solutions and services to manufacturing companies, to local public entities, and last, but not least, also to commercial enterprises based in Trento.

In 2007, the decision to dissolve the company was taken, in favor of a different, more consistent aggregation to the Open Source model, and thus, POSIT Societą Cooperativa (Progettazione Open Source, Innovazione e Tecnologia) was born with the participation of 5 founding partners, which progressively grew to 13 by spring 2011. During 2012, the cooperative has changed its vision, focusing on the E-Commerce systems market; some partners have opted to separate, founding a new cooperative to focus on other activities, while others have returned to professional work.

In 2010, a new company was formed: IFASE (Informatic, Facility Automation and Software for Environment), specialising in facilities management and environmental software, which operated until the end of 2015.

At the beginning of 2015, Leader.IT was reconstituted involving new partners in an international context, as well as recovering the software which was at the time developed by Leader.IT srl and then by POSIT S.C., acquiring the copyrights from its former shareholders and thus allowing the publication of a considerable part of it in 2016. This also entailed the creation of English language documentation of the MasonSQL framework used as the basis of development.

Leader-ship (our mission)

The spirit of the network is to create and coordinate a network of experts in Open Source technology, capable of working together with the aim of ensuring the satisfaction of the members.

The concept of Leader-ship manifests itself in the following aspects:

  • Synergies: the experience and skills of each partner adds up to a flexible environment of exchange, obtaining greater results in the addition of the factors.

  • Multiplicity of Problem Resolution: the heterogeneity of the group, added to the aforementioned synergies, enables the group to obtain multiple ways to solve problems.

  • Flexibility of Work: each partner takes overall responsibility, having, in this way, a certain degree of flexibility in setting up the work based on their own attitudes.

  • Total Integration: The client is an integral part of the network, increasing his and our professionalism as a product of the interchange of work in conjunction with the possibility of constantly monitoring the quality of its suppliers for both goods and services.

These characteristics add up to a rational and well-detailed commercial policy leading to Mutual Satisfaction

  • The Company: obtains quality solutions at a high grade of specialisation, with competitive costs and more flexibility.

  • Freelancers: find the possibility of broadening their horizons through strength in numbers.

  • Leader.IT: improves product turnover ratio and cost structure for better competitiveness.

You can be part of this network!
  • Freelancers: if you consider your productive capacity is under-utilised for lack of organisation and market visibility.
  • Companies: if you need reliable partners to increase your potential and your knowledge.

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